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7 Dirty Little Secrets in Making the Most of Your Small Dorm

small dorm
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College is easily one of the most memorable chapters in a person’s life. It’s a time of self-discovery and independence. Speaking of independence, going to college often means moving out from your childhood home to live on campus, dorms, or affordable hostels. This is a whole new experience that every student embarks on their own, but it’s made more bearable knowing that they have roommates who are going through the same thing.

The downside, however, is that privacy can be a luxury. One of the challenges of sharing a room with other people is making the most of the limited space available for you and your belongings.

The number one enemy of a student in this scenario would be a clutter. With a demanding schedule that requires a person to be on the go, and being too drained at the end of the day to clean up. The reality is, clutter can affect a person’s everyday life and well-being.

Prioritize the Essentials

Most of the time, a student is assigned a bed, closet, and study table.  These are the bare minimum for any college student to be able to get by. Because of the clear-cut functions of these spaces, it’s a good place to start organizing. What goes where is pretty self-explanatory and it’s worth taking advantage of. Any other belongings and miscellaneous items that don’t fit in these spaces should be put aside. These are what you need to make room for.

Add Storage

Maybe you packed too many books to put on your study table, or maybe don’t have ample space for your blow dryer. Adding shelves doesn’t take up floor space but it does utilize an otherwise bare wall. It can be an opportunity to personalize your space too by adding decorative items. To further organize the items going to the shelves, put them in bins or storage containers. These will make them easier to find and less cluttered to look at.

Install Hooks 

Maybe your closet doesn’t provide enough hanging space, especially for bulky coats and jackets. Make use of the bare wall in the corner by installing a hook or two! This is the perfect place to hang coats and bags since it won’t be a place that has heavy foot traffic and it’s too small to put anything there.

Personalize Your Space

A space is truly your own if you personalize it to your liking (with consideration for your roommates, of course). Doing so makes it feel more like home. Some picture frames, posters, plants, drapes, fairy lights, and a rug, to name a few. Anything that livens up your little corner, without sacrificing comfort and efficiency, should do the trick.

Get Some Space-saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture is a game-changer. It’s either they can be put away after use or can double as extra storage space. For example, chairs or stools with built-in storage can be great to store extra bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. Foldable tables can be handy too for long nights working on a project, but can also double as an ironing board. A wall-mounted shoe rack can also provide that extra floor space. It’s a plus too since you won’t risk tripping on your shoes.

Ditch the Traditional Mirror

A mirror is an essential thing to have especially when dressing up in the mornings. However, traditional whole-body mirrors do take up space. Unless you’re fine with a makeup mirror, consider sticking a mirror wall sticker anywhere in the room! These take up zero floor space and are easy to install. Similar to any sticker, peel the sticker sheet away and stick the mirror to the wall. Mirror wall stickers come in many shapes and sizes, too.

Keep Things Cozy

Although it’s important to keep the space function, it should be made comfortable too. Throw in a rug and a couple of cute cushions. Have a scented candle or two, maybe incense sticks instead. Your space should be ready for long, stressful days in school but also for fun move nights with your roommates. Yes, your space is too small not to prioritize functionality, but always have room for some fun times (no pun intended).

Making a small area work for you and your daily routine is a difficult task. Furthermore, a hectic schedule leaves little time for someone to clean up after themselves. A  tiny room can rapidly get congested. Have a strategy in place before you get fully settled in to prevent clutter from accumulating. Keeping things organized and assigning them to specific locations can help you manage the ebb and flow of activities in your space, whether it’s for school or for enjoyment.

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