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Travel Hacks When You Visit the City Along the Thames

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It estimated that London attracts around 30 million visitors each year, making it one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations. This does not come as a surprise, considering it is home to a lot of famous tourist attractions. No doubt you have thought of visiting the city yourself, but the pandemic and the risks of infection has dampened your enthusiasm. If you still have plans to visit the city sometime in the future, you need the to remember the following points when you get there.

Tour London attractions that are close together.

There are a lot of sites to visit in London, and you might get tempted to zigzag across the city and visit them in a short time. This might prove to be a costly endeavor that will not only tire you out but also cost you more time and money. Many sights are within walking distance, so try to plan your visits to see close attractions per day.

Use an ‘Oyster card’.

One of the best ways of traveling between attractions is using the London underground system, or the London Tube. You can take buses and trains with the Oyster card. It will be more convenient and less costly than using cash. Having this card will help you avoid queueing on the ticket line and save you half the fare you would spend if you paid in cash.

Get discounts in advance.

A lot of the attractions will cost an adult £20 to £30 to enter. This can be expensive if you visit a couple of sights. Fortunately, you can save a lot of money if you get a discount visit card. A discount visitor card, such as a London pass, is something you could use to visit as many places as you like. For example, it would cost you up to £107 if you were to buy tickets for the Tower of London, London zoo, a HOP-ON-HOP-OFF Bus Tour, and the view from the Shard while you could have spent £60 if you had used a London pass.

Visit free attraction sites.

London can be pretty expensive to visit, but there are also a lot of free sites to visit that will incur no charges to you. These sites include; Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Royal parks, Tate Modern, and plenty more. You can also offer voluntary contributions that will be used to maintain these sites.

Look for hostels and affordable accommodations.

There are cheap accommodations in the city to help you save money. You could also explore student accommodations, bed and breakfast inns, and even cheap hostels for every budget traveler. Alternatively, you can stay further out, such as zones3 and4. These zones will not only offer affordable accommodations, but you will also find cheap food and drinks.

See the City

A visit to London will be a life experience you will cherish for years to come. There might be a pandemic, for now, but it should not dampen your excitement to visit it. The public parks are open, there are fewer people, and you might enjoy the attractions more since there are fewer people who will see the sites.

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