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Unusual But Useful Things You Can Bring on Your Next Travel

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As a wanderer, you may already know all the essentials that you have to bring whenever you travel. But there are some that you might be forgetting. These things are commonly ignored when you’re packing your bags. But then you’d realize you needed these things eventually.

You know that you can get excited days before traveling. But you also have to know that there are things you may find very essential for your next trip. So before you actually forget these things you may consider your new “travel must-haves,” we’ve listed down some of them.

Consider adding some of these items to your lists. Here are some things you may find very useful in your next travel destination:

Luggage scale

Never pay high excess baggage fees again. If you know you’ll be taking home a lot from your trip, you can bring a portable luggage scale. This way, you can weigh your baggage before going to the airport. This reduces the possibility of spending unexpectedly on overweight luggage. It can also help you with planning on the things you should bring home from your travel. This thing could be your next travel essential that you’ll never forget to bring in your succeeding trips.

Long charging cables

You already know how important portable chargers and power banks are. Without them, you may lose power in the middle of your trip. Too bad if your phone’s juice runs out that exact moment you needed to take a selfie. But aside from these portable chargers and power banks, there’s one thing you may also need to power up your devices. Yes, you may also be bringing your traveling chargers. But you never know if your charging cables are long enough to reach your rented room’s electrical outlet from the bed. That’s why you should add long charging cables to your travel lists. Two meters of charging cable should be enough.

Toiletry set

Hotel toiletries are okay. They’re generic soaps and shampoos that anyone can use. That’s true especially if you don’t have skin sensitivity. But if you have or you’re not sure if those hotel toiletries may be good for you, you should bring your own. Bring your toiletries. That’s needed especially if you’re using products with a specific formula that’s just right for your skin.

Snacks and beverages

Traveling to another country may make your taste buds miss some food and beverages from home. Two days out may already make you feel like consuming foods you’re used to eating. In this case, you may want to bring snacks that you can munch on. This could alleviate the feeling of missing the taste of home. Take a break from eating foreign food and satisfy your cravings with your favorite hometown snacks. Another thing that people have been mentioning a lot is how bad some hot beverages from hotels can be. There’s even an article about the bad quality brew hotels offer.

In this case, you can bring your favorite beans coffee with you on travel. Wake up to a good cup of brew and start your travel day perfectly.

Travel mug

Speaking of beverages, you sometimes don’t want them to turn hot or cold. A great travel mug can keep your iced water cold even after hours of strolling. If you want to take a walk somewhere freezing, your travel thermal mug can keep your drink warm.

Travel steamer

You may be someone who wants their clothing to look good and neat. The lack of flat iron in your hotel room may be an inconvenience. That’s why you can look into bringing a travel steamer on your next trip. A handy steamer can effortlessly help you iron your clothes. That’s good if you don’t want to go out with a crumpled shirt so you would look good in your travel selfies.

Door alarm

Hotels can be secure especially the ones that have a reputation to take care of. They would not want any security breaches that would taint their company’s image. But the same thing may not be said for short-term rentals. There are indeed ways short-term lodging platforms protect their clients. However, it’s really hard to be complacent. What you can do is to bring your door alarm. This should give you peace of mind knowing you’re able to protect yourself from room intruders.

Going on a trip may take lots of preparation. The most important thing is not forgetting to bring all the travel essentials. Now, you can add some things that were mentioned above to your travel necessities. These useful things may make your travel more efficient, organized, and systematic.

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