How to Study in London on a Budget

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London has been the top urban study destination in the world for two years. Four of the top universities are located in the area. Aside from this, students can choose from over 30,000 courses. No wonder, over 100,000 international students from different parts of the world prefer to study in London universities. If you are someone who wants to try your luck in studying in this city, you need to make the necessary preparations first.

Do you know that you need to have at least £1,265 every month to be able to study in London? This is a requirement set by the UK Visa and Immigration. This budget does not even include university tuition fees and other school fees. If you want to survive the high cost of studying and living in London, you need to plan your budget well.

Studying in London on a Budget

Bear in mind that there are various ways to cut your expenses in this expensive city. You can take advantage of student discounts or grab university freebies. You can also look for cheap student accommodations in London. Here’s how you can study in London while on a tight budget:

  • Finding a university—You can choose among 40 universities in London. You can choose low-cost universities such as London Metropolitan Univesity, University of Law, University of West London, or Coventry Uni Campus in London. These are some of the best universities that offer affordable tuition fees.  
  • Choosing accommodation—Before you travel to London to study, make sure that you already have a place to stay. Housing can be expensive, but you can find bargain room prices if you take time to find available options. Consider the length of your stay in the city. There are long and short-term rentals offered for students. You can access rental websites, so you can regularly check out prices for student accommodation.
  • Checking out public transportation—You can take advantage of student fares offered by different public transportation services in London. Use a Student Oyster Card so that you can get discounts. You can also get more discounts if you get 16-25 railcards for train rides.
  • Budgeting meals—Avoid eating out as much as you can. Learn the habit of making your lunch or dinner. If you want to save more money, you can buy food from low-cost grocery stores and local markets. You can also enjoy shopping deals from supermarkets such as Morrison’s, Asda, Waitrose, and Tesco.
  • Taking advantage of study programs—If you want to take a short study course in London, you can enroll in study programs offered for international students in London. Research about current offers and grab short-term plans if you want. These quick courses and diploma studies cost a lot less compared to long-term ones.  

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Don’t let your tight budget keep you from enjoying getting a high-quality education. The cost of staying in the city may be expensive, but there are tons of ways to lessen your expenses. You can even find fun activities outside the school without spending too much. Use the tips mentioned above and make the most of your stay as a student in one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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