How Mobile Apps Make Eating Easy For You

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Late-night cravings are real. You can be in your pyjamas, waiting for sleep to kick in as you watch your favourite Korean drama, then there it is the characters enjoying a box of yangnyeom fried chicken with bottles of soju. Like any other person who’s vulnerable to the sight of great comfort food, your search for an open Korean fast food to have your box of wings delivered.

You can say that food delivery apps created a new lifestyle trend, but looking at it further, you can see that the apps exist to complement people’s current lifestyle. People are too busy, too tired. Leaving work to go out and eat is not on people’s list of priorities during work hours. Upon coming home, forgoing time that will be spent on cooking or buying food means more time to relax. The apps became a helpful tool for people to eat what they want and discover other restaurants in the comfort of their homes.

According to the reports provided by Statista, in 2019 alone, the revenue in online delivery segment amounts to US$107, 438 million. Another data shows that 70% of food delivery orders are placed using mobile apps. This suggests that people depend on their mobile phones to take care of their meals for the day. However, the food industry’s use of the mobile application is not only limited to delivery. Apps like Chope and Eatigo are saved on every foodie’s phone for great deals are reservations.

Here are other ways how the food industry is using mobile apps to make dining more convenient for you:

  1. You can book a table online.

Booking a table beforehand can lessen your worry, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll have a table when you arrive with your company. Thanks to online apps, you can instantly book a table a couple of hours before your preferred time. This feature is also helpful for a spontaneous night out with friends and last-minute business meetings.

  1. You can read the reviews before trying them yourself.

These mobile apps have become an avenue for users to share their reviews concerning the restaurant’s food and services. These reviews allow other users to see if the restaurant is worth trying or not, if the new dishes are worth a visit, and if the service is personalised. At the same time, restaurants are geared to improve based on these reviews.

As a customer, you tend to be pulled by the familiar. Trying out a new restaurant or a new dish is like joining a lottery—it’s a matter of luck, but not if you have food reviews as a guide.

  1. You can get promos and discounts.

Several apps offer monthly promos and discounts from their partner restaurants. It’s a good strategy to motivate app users into trying new restaurants and dishes on the menu. There are even apps that specifically focus on providing a limited number of discount coupons to the users who are willing to pay in that instant.

  1. You can pay for your food purchase online.

If you do not have any cash with you, you don’t have to find the nearest ATM to pay for your meal. Whether you ordered online or ate inside the restaurant, you can choose to pay through a mobile app.

Technology has made it easy to treat yourself with food. Nevertheless, never forget that every meal is best enjoyed with a loved one.

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